Machining & Gun Drilling

Machining & Gun Drilling

For Repair, Deep Hole Drilling, EDM

LS Mold is your single-source resource for precise and cost-efficient gun drilling. Gun drilling is more than having a gun drill on the shop floor. Your gun drilling project requires the expertise and attention to detail known to LS Mold for 20 plus years. Quick turn? Deep hole? One off? We welcome all the requirements of professional gun drilling.

Our gun drilling capabilities include:

  • 2 Gun Drilling Machines
  • Holes ranging from 1/8 up to 1.5″ in drill size
  • Hole depths up to 60″
  • Parts up to X 130″ Y 60″ and Z 94″

Our machining supports customers throughout the Midwest. Our tradesmen are highly skilled in the rigorous demands of producing components and tools that deliver value to our customers. Need help with plate or tooling buildup work, 2D/3D milling rough or finishing milling? Our capabilities are extensive and available on demand in short notice. Our experienced machinists work with a variety of metals, plastics and composites.


  • Makino’s up to 63″ x 32″ table
  • OKK’s up to 34″ x 80″ in size
  • YCM’s 47″ x 78″ in size

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Machine List

Electrical Discharge Machines / Carbon Cutting

Do you have deep rips, square corners, small complex detail? LS Mold has four EDM machines up to 18″ x 28″ x 78″ in travel. Tool changers with around the clock burning is our expertise.

Carbon cutting in our specially set up Makino with robotic pallet changer. Large electrodes, no problem. We have you covered in our dedicated Okada carbon cutting mill. 24/7 around the clock machining.

Secondary services thorough our production
partners in Michigan include:

• Heat Treating
• Laser welding
• Coating
• Texture
• Polishing

Gun Drilling - Deep Hole

Tell us what you need, we'll work up a quote on the best gun drill service in the midwest: LS Mold.