Mold Design and Building

Mold Design and Build

From Concept or Print to Prototype

It all starts with good tooling. LS Mold specializes in precision machined H-13, P-20 production injection molds and aluminum prototype molds for injection molding and thermoforming, as well as foam molds. We also specialize in form and trim dies, and diecast molds.

Our expertise, accumulated across thousands of molds and decades of work, encompasses both tooling and molding. Understanding the challenges of resin delivery, cooling, shrink, part draft and ejection — with simple or complex parts — is our foundation for efficient, productive molds that help assure 100% uptime . . . millions of shots.

Our engineers can begin with your 2D or 3D CAD file; we also provide concept-to-part design services and reverse engineering. The design phase is critical to your success. We bring our engineering team to the table as early as possible to insure the best design-for-manufacturing process. We will evaluate all the aspects of a project, including mold flow analysis, for a model that solves your challenges in the best way possible. LS MOLD engineers consider many factors, include part design, resin, molding equipment and molding environment when designing an injection mold.

Our compression, injection and thermoforming molds are used in the production of Class-A composite structures and plastic parts that require a superior fit and finish. These include furniture components, automotive panels and trim, trays, and a variety of consumer products.

Vertical Integration

Single-source, vertically integrated, LS Mold makes the transition to injection molding with new tooling easier and more flexible. We can easily handle your T-0, T-1 sample and short run production before the tool’s ships to its` home location or as many parts as needed to launch your program or fill your future production. Learn more about our in-house injection molding.

Tool Transfer / Landed Tools / Reshoring

In the event of supplier failure or supply chain disruption, we can readily assist in transferring, inspection, repair if required and proving out production tools. We are well versed in the logistics of moving and repairing molds to your specifications. This also holds true for molds that are purchased off shore and require validation to your quality standards. As your intermediary, LS Mold rises to the challenge of performing these services against a typically very tight production deadline. Do we wish every mold was made in the US? Absolutely. That said, our goal is to deliver a production ready, high quality mold, regardless of origin.

LS Mold operates with a high level of communication, transparency and trust. We are long-term partners in the ever-changing landscape of tooling and molding. Customers can also rely on our injection molding capabilities to bridge any gaps in production.


Mold Repair, Maintenance and Service

We are a Midwest leader in retooling for engineering changes, troubleshooting and repairing or refurbishing tooling. Crashed or beginning to produce parts out of tolerance? Our extensive CAD department can help to design changes into your mold. CNC mills, carbon cutting, EDM’s up to 28″ in Y and 52″ in Z allows us to make a priority of your mold repair and maintenance. Our goal is to get your mold back online so you experience minimal downtime and the associated costs.

Being in the heart of furniture and automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 industrial communities, LS Mold keeps mold maintenance, repair and revision service at the fore front of our business.


  • Cimatron
  • LeMoine
  • Fully compliant with customer requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified